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Tailoring Your Tone to Your Readership

“Know your audience.” – This is one of the most memorable pieces of advice that I’ve been given in regards to blogging, and even writing in general. The good thing about blogging is that by interacting with your followers you can really get to know who’s reading your content. If you get to know such […]

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3 Key Things Holding Most Bloggers Back

Happy 2014! When better to start a new blog than at the beginning of a new year?! It’s often around this time that people check themselves and ask the question, “Should I be doing more?” – Resolutions are made, to-do lists are drawn up and before you know it, you’re geared up to start a new […]

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How to Convert Readers to Subscribers

So your blog is getting plenty of attention and your social media presence is growing (or maybe you’re just starting out), but do you struggle to secure loyal subscribers? Readers who show a casual interest are undoubtedly valuable, but a supportive fan base is incredibly important for the lasting success of your blog. Accumulating subscribers […]

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