Design is really important to your blog’s success. If it looks slick and professional as well as easy to use, your sessions will last longer and brands will be much more interested in working with you, as it shows that you have put a lot of time and effort into your blog. Designing a blog though, can be really intimidating and many people don’t know where to start. There are three main aspects that you need to focus on, which we will go through in more detail below.

  1. Navigation Bar

In terms of SEO, this is one of your most important features. A clear, well-structured and easy to use navigation bar is paramount to ensuring that your users are able to easily find their way around your blog, as well as search engines. They need to be able to crawl your site easily and by using strong keywords in the navigation bar you will be able to gain more visibility through Google searches. Your users will need to clearly find your About Me page, your different blog sections and contact information. Make sure that these are clear and understandable on your navigation bar.


  1. Header

Your header is SO important! And one of the best places to let your creative skills flourish. Your header needs to be stylish, high resolution and most importantly- it needs to match the rest of your blog in terms of look and feel. You can design these yourself or if you fancy splashing the cash a little, why not do a shout out on Twitter and look for a designer?


  1. Sidebar

Your sidebar can involve any necessary information that isn’t needed on your navigation. For example, here you should put your social widgets, any badges (such as branded badges, winner badges from competitions etc.) You can also include a blog archive here, or maybe a blog roll? The important thing is not to make it too cluttered, as it looks messy and can be hard for the user to understand.

Blog design shouldn’t be stressful or confusing, it’s fun and exciting! Take your time, do your research and most importantly- enjoy being creative!

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