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So we’re going for a quick and simple advice post today, covering how you can make your blog navigation work as hard as possible for you. Below are just a few quick and clear tips that should give you an overview of what an excellent blog navigation looks like.

  1. Don’t Bother With Specific Categories with Little Content

Each of the categories within your navigation should be absolutely necessary, and substantial enough to have a significant amount of content within them. If this is not the case then you need to think about how you can merge categories to make your navigation more succinct.

  1. Don’t Leave Your Navigation Out of Your Design

I’ve seen lots of beautifully designed blogs around with lovely logos, social media buttons and images- but the navigation lets the site down! People often seem to exclude their navigation bars when thinking about redesigning their site. Your navigation will be one of the most actively used parts of your site, make sure it looks as good as your content does!

  1. Get Someone Else to Test It

I’ve often advised getting friends, family or readers involved at various stages of your blogging career. Having a caring but objective point of view is totally invaluable, and getting advice on your navigation is no exception to this. Whoever you decide to get involved, ask them to think about the user experience. Is it easy to get to where they need to be? Are the categories clear, and is the content within them relevant?

We’d love to hear your thoughts- add your tips into the comments!

Rebecca is the Editor of the Bloggers’ Lounge, and Content Marketing Manager at DBD Media.

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