Coming up with great content ideas for your blog can be challenging and even when you have implemented a great idea to perfection it is of precious little value unless people see it. Getting eyes on your content opens up the possibility of getting those shares, comments and links which we all crave.

The various social media platforms are a great place to amplify your content as they are easily accessible, easy to use and have an enormous potential audience. However, shares and retweets often do not result in people actually clicking through to your content and reading.

Our parent company DBD Media have been expanding their PPC offering for clients recently to include using Pay Per Click (PPC) ads to promote content. PPC ads are the listings that are displayed alongside organic (non paid) adverts in search results pages when somebody types something into Google. If they happen to type something which is related to one of your blog posts, wouldn’t it be great if your post was displayed? With pay per click advertising you can make this happen.

The beauty of this is you can target terms with your content that may have very little competition which means you have more chance of your ad appearing in the search results and in some cases you may be the only person bidding on the terms.

Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the platform which is used to create and display paid advertising on Google, if you don’t already have an account you can go to to sign up.

The example used here was for a blog article on the different techniques for painting with watercolours which was created after researching keywords:


Avg. Monthly Searches
watercolour techniques 1300
watercolour painting techniques 320
painting with watercolours 170
different watercolour techniques 10


Once you have signed up you can navigate to Campaigns > + Campaign > Search Network Only


Once the campaign is set up you can create ads by selecting + Ad Group


Now you can create an advert by filling out the following fields:


Ad group Name – Give a name to identify this group of ads, this can be the theme of the blog post you want to promote

Headline – This is the heading which is displayed at the top of the ad in blue and can be used to attract attention. It should also include some of the keywords you wish to target

Description –  here you can give some detail about your article and why somebody may want to read it

Display URL – this is usually your domain/blog

Final URL – this is the URL/page where your article is located

Target the same keywords your blog post is targeting with your paid ads:


See here for a great article on how to do keyword research for your blog posts.

You can set budgets depending on how much you want to pay per click (every time somebody clicks on it) and you can set a total budget for the campaign.

So that’s how you can promote your content with PPC adverts and get instant traffic to your blog articles that could result in people reading it, sharing it and even linking to it!

Richard is Tech Lead at DBD Media

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