Since 2011 Snapchat has developed from being an app that most people used to send their friends funny and (almost pointless) messages; to an essential platform utilised by marketers and brands around the world.
With over 100 million users daily and a massive estimated worth over 16 billion, it is no wonder that the likes of Burberry and Conde Nast are just a couple of the huge names amongst, the millions of people intrigued by this platform.
Today we’ve had some major discussions on our plans to create a Snapchat account for The Bloggers’ Lounge and here are our reasons for why we think we should:

The intimate feel
Snapchat has a unique one on one feel like no other platforms out there. It’s completely user centric, focussing on pieces of content, that exist in that specific moment… and then it’s gone. This works extremely well for blogging; it gives that further sense of intimacy that usually, your audience wants.

The new hottest thing!
In social media we’re constantly searching for that awesome new platform and for fashion in particular, Snapchat is fast becoming that. It’s now not a rarity to see brands leaking their next big collection (for as long as Snapchat allows) or for bloggers to live showcase content through their Snapchat feed.

Embracing creativity
Snapchat can be pretty random, light hearted and fun; so roll with it. Sometimes serious blogging can mean that every post is very considered (and usually it should be). Snapchat almost takes that pressure away and lets you be yourself in the moment, revealing a very honest side of yourself to your audience.

So that is our take; what is yours? Do you think we should get Snapchat?

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Shabz is a Content Marketing Queen at DBD Media and regally contributes her expertise to the Bloggers Lounge.

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