Show me someone who says that blog design and blog themes are the most boring part of blogging and I’ll show you a liar. Blogging themes are awesome, creative, fun and to be perfectly honest with you, can be the difference between a PR or content person (hi) getting you to work on a really exciting project with a brand.

Having a really amazing blog theme (alongside high quality photos) shows that you have put a lot of time and effort into your blog, and it’s not just some little hobby on the side- you’re really keen to get your blog working and for it to be a serious business (if you will).

I know that a lot of people are worried about changing up their blog theme, because they think that really gorgeous themes cost a lot of dolla which they can’t afford, but there is honestly no need to worry about that. Some of my favourite designs are actually from the lower budget and free part of WordPress.

If you are really Scrooge McDucking it and rolling round in piles of cash, then hiring a web developer to create a completely bespoke, amazingly beautiful design that is 100% totally you and 100% totally fire, then definitely do it! (Also, just email us- we know lots of really amazing people who can help you out).

And so, here are just SOME blog themes that you can use to get your favourite brands to sit up and pay attention.


Blogger Themes


Vogue 2


Oracle 1
WordPress Themes


Boom! There you have it! Some examples of some truly CRACKING blog themes. Let us know your own faves in the comments 🙂

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