Oh, how we love Instagram! Nothing better than having a feed of stunning images from your friends and celebrities, ready for you to scroll through at your leisure. Want to see the photos from the night before? They’re right there, nestled in between Kim Kardashian’s selfies, and The Fat Jewish’s memes. Although, this might not be the case for long. Instagram has announced it is taking similar measures to Facebook and Twitter, and may be getting rid of its chronological timeline. Instead of having the latest images at the top of your feed, an algorithm will now decide which photos it thinks you will want to see, and put these at the top instead.

The proposed changes have been controversial to say the least, just as they were when Facebook and Twitter also announced the same thing. While at the moment the changes may not fully go ahead, and will be trialled on less than one percent of Instagram users, this has been a big story as it is one of the biggest changes Instagram has made to its feed.

But as bloggers, what does this mean for us? Instagram is one of the most important social platforms for bloggers, and any big changes to its feed will certainly have repercussions for bloggers. The reason behind the proposed change is simply that apparently over 70% of your Instagram feed is missed, and so the creators of Instagram are wanting to make sure that the 30% you do see, are the images you want to see.

You could have followers who may not always engage in your posts, but do see them. If this algorithm comes into play, this could mean that the chances of your posts being seen by that follower are reduced, if they stop scrolling past the top posts. On the other hand, your engagement in your posts could be increased, if you regularly get a good level of engagement, by being placed at the top of many of your followers feeds your engagement is likely to increase.

This is all really great, certainly we all want amazing engagement on all of our posts; but really one of the best aspects of Instagram is that we are in control of our feeds. We decide on who we follow, and when we log into the app. If an algorithm is introduced, it could take away the authenticity of our individual Instagram feeds.

The uproar at the proposed changes could be simply put down to the fact that as users of a platform we simply don’t like change. Twitter and Facebook have changed a huge amount since they first started, and each time a new layout, form of engagement or any other change happened, there was a right old fuss from the users. But eventually we got used to the change and now probably couldn’t imagine the platforms without the changes.

We would love to know your feelings on the changes to Instagram, and what they will mean for you as a user! Let us know in the comments below, and vote on the poll below!

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