If you are a seasoned blogger, you will know that coming up with constantly innovative, interesting and exciting blog posts can be really tricky…. You will probably need to look towards a lot of outside sources for inspiration. There are so many places where you can look for this, your favourite magazines, your favourite blogs, film palettes…. Anything that you think is beautiful and interesting can inspire you!

But, there are some places that are overflowing with potentially amazing ideas. Places where we go and engage with every day…. I am of course talking about our fave social media channels!

We all know about the upcoming changes to Instagram that have made all the headlines, but there are changes to social network sites that are really exciting, creative and are able to give you lots of great ideas about your next blog post!


  1. Snapchat Stories

I recently became very quickly obsessed with Snapchat, I think it was all down to the filters and Kylie Jenner’s hypotonic pouting on a video…. Snapchat is silly and fun. It is made up of throwaway images of people made up like cartoon dogs and the infamous face swap. Take inspiration from this silly, fast posting and use it for a blog post where you have lots of images. Perhaps if you went to a blogger event and have loads of photos, you could make them into a Gif- like a Snapchat story.


  1. Twitter Moments

Moments came very suddenly to a very confused audience…. What are they…. Why are they suddenly here? Twitter Moments are basically big news stories (one of todays was ‘Brad Pitt seen in B&Q Croydon’) and groups together relevant tweets for you to scroll through so you know the situation.

Perhaps this is something you could replicate for a really quick blog post, your favourite moments of your week, shown through your tweets, Instagram’s or Snapchat’s!

Social media platforms have very quickly become more and more creative, displaying more and more different and creative ways that you can view their content. This is definitely a tactic that you should be using for your blog posts- the more creative and interesting your blog posts are, the better!

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