Show your Support for those with Breast Cancer, by Hosting a Strawberry Tea this Summer!

Breast Cancer Care are a wonderful charity providing support and information to those living with breast cancer. Having the information and community that Breast Cancer Care provide is vital to so many people living with breast cancer, and we’d love it if you could help us raise money to support them.
Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a life changing moment. From day one, Breast Cancer Care are there to provide essential support to those living with breast cancer. They are the only UK-wide charity who provide support of this nature, and we’d love it if our blogging community could rally together to raise money for this excellent cause!

Let’s do something to help!

Hosting a Strawberry Tea this summer is a really fun way to spend time with those you love most, whilst raising money for a brilliant cause.

  1. Simply plan a date with your friends, family or fellow bloggers!
  2. Get together for a Strawberry Tea and have fun!
  3. Ask attendees to donate, and help a brilliant cause!

We’re currently planning our very own Strawberry Tea her at Bloggers’ Lounge HQ, and would love to hear from those of you who will host your own!!

Download your free kit here today, and use your blog to do something brilliant!!

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  1. I will most definitely be hosting a strawberry tea party. Why not have a tea party for a good cause? Looking forward to it already 🙂

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