LFW A/W 2016 is just a few days away and I hope that some of you are lucky enough to attend. If you’re hoping to make it soon, apply here but please note that you need:

• Examples of fashion editorial content and articles

• Proven support and interest in British designers

• Over 10,000 unique visitors to your blog each month (you must be able to provide statistics from the last three months from Google Analytics or a similar source)

• Over 10,000 combined followers on all social media platforms (this includes Instagram, Twitter and on Facebook)

Whether you have the above covered or not; there’s still lots of scope to create some truly engaging content based around London Fashion week.

Warm up your audience
Lead your audience towards your upcoming content by setting the scene, consider creating some articles, videos or guides to Fashion Week. Go through the historical and cultural background of the event- the event dates back to 1984 so there’s space to delve deep!

Introduce some context
Let’s face it; you’re a fashion blogger, so you probably already know each and every outfit for every different show you’ll be attending. Why not create some content around it? Consider creating a look book showcasing your different outfits or even film a short film of you walking around Soho to keep in context.

Pre plan your content
A lot of content is going to consist of what you discover on particular days of London Fashion Week. In order to do your discoveries justice; you will have to find a way to keep your findings fresh and accurate. I’d suggest pre planning to an extent, think about how you’d like to present your content. Choose if you’d like to create a photo based journal and snap away accordingly; alternatively if it’s an article you’re writing, make sure you have the all the relevant references ready.

Follow up
It’s unlikely that you will have been able to attend every single show of the week, so an effective follow up content piece idea could be researching shows that you missed or collections you loved that others attended.

So if you’re heading to LFW A/W 2016 let me know by tweeting me  @Blogger_Lounge

Shabz is a Content Marketing Queen at DBD Media and regally contributes her expertise to the Bloggers Lounge.

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