Are you finding yourself a little partied out from Christmas and New Years celebrations? Or simply don’t want to create another Christmas Haul post? Well fear not; you’re not the only one! Even some of the most successful bloggers will admit to feeling this way from time to time. Following the tips below might help you to leap out of your blogging funk!

Get offline

Often the reason you’re feeling a deflated with blogging is because you’re not inspired. This is the case with most types of creative work but especially so for the journalistic roles. Instead of getting frustrated at your computer, switch it off and enjoy yourself. Head to art galleries, new exhibitions or local boutiques! Pick that one thing that fuels your creativity and fly with it.

Switch up your work space

Everyone has their preferred place to work, this may be your bedroom, creative work space or simple the café down the road. It’s always important to have a change of scenery from time to time to ensure things don’t get stale. If you’re current work space isn’t so inspiring, you might find a more creative environment spurs you on a little more such as art gallery cafes, or hotel lobbies where you’re likely to find similar creatives doing the same thing.

Ignore the numbers

It’s very easy to get caught up in how many followers, shares and likes your content gets. Sometimes you risk becoming so obsessed with the numbers that you stray from being true to your blogging self in order to get those ratings. Although it’s essential to stay on track with analytics, if things aren’t picking up as much momentum as they once did, it’s important to make it less of a priority until you’re passionately back in your blogging flow.

Connect with other influencers

As blogging can be a very singular craft, especially if you’re not part of a collective, it’s natural to feel a little lonely from time to time. Creativity is contagious and you’ll be amazed how often you can accidentally formulate an incredible idea just by spurring on someone else creativity. The power of collaboration is likely to lift you from your lull and result in a potential new project.

We would absolutely love to hear your thoughts and points on anything we may have missed, so please do let us know what you think!

Shabz is a Content Marketing Queen at DBD Media and regally contributes her expertise to the Bloggers Lounge.

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