Use Moodboards to help your visual brand

If you’re part of the online creative/blogging community, you will know that your visual brand is more important than ever.
Creating and controlling your own visual brand will be second nature to most you seasoned bloggers…However, moodboards can really help you with this in a number of ways. For instance, to plan out your Instagram feed or to brainstorm ideas for a re-brand.
Thye’ll really help you envision how you communicate your blogging identity and brand on a visual level.

So what exactly are moodboards?

I know that if you’re familiar with the internet AT ALL you would have inevitably comes across these on Pinterest, WeHeartIt, Tumblr, etc. But what exactly are they and how did they develop?

Well, moodboards a collection of images that were originally used by designers in their initial brainstorming stages to establish both visual style, and more intangible stuff like mood/emotions. Because it’s difficult to communicate feelings (as they’re not physical stuff that you can touch or see), putting together a bunch of pictures to represent them is a much better way of communicating abstract things.

They can also tell you a lot about visual style

For instance, what colour scheme are you going for? What kind of mood do you want to project? There are A LOT of colour and style combinations, and getting a bunch of pictures together is a really good way of communicating exactly what kind of mood you’re going for with your blog.

You can also use them to work on your blog

Are you just starting out as a blogger? Or maybe thinking of re-branding or redesigning your blog? You can use moodboards as a way to establish what kind of blogger you want to be. What kind of image do you want to project? Do you want to be a luxury and aspirational lifestyle blogger? Or a relatable, home-making type of blogger? Collecting images of website layouts, as well as actual images  will help you see your blogging brand clearly.

So where can I make moodboards?

Well, one of the most popular places is of course, Pinterest. A hub for creative inspiration, you can collect images on ‘boards’, and follower uses with similar boards.
You can also use , a free platform for creating moodboards that already come with some themes to get you started.

Or, if you don’t like the idea of a digital moodboard, you could always make your own ones in real life, in the form scrapbooking!
After all, visual platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest are essentially digital scrapbooks; collating ideas, images and specific emotions together.
Plus, if you happen to run a creative or an arts and crafts blog, a scrapbooking project (i.e. the moodboard) will make for some great content.

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