Top 5 Instagram Accounts you need to follow

Top 5 Instagram Accounts you need to follow

Running a blog requires maximum creativity, and inevitably, you’ll hit a creative block, which can leave you feeling frustrated. That’s why we found the best Instagram accounts you need to follow which will cheer you up AND get your creative juices flowing!

Panetone Smoothies!

Love creativity, colour and health? Look no further than Pantone Smoothies. Run by New-York based art director Hedvig Astrom Kushner, she posts beautifully laid out Instas of smoothies that are painstakingly mixed to match a particular Pantone colour swatch.
If you want to take inspiration from this account, you can also think of incorporating colour and out of the box thinking. Matching smoothies to colour swatches? Genius!

This one’s for the foodies

For a great example of Instagram branding, try Mel’s Instagram, GirlEatWorld. With over 342k followers, she travels the world and posts pictures of her holding local street-food against exotic and picturesque backdrops.
With her a signature visual formula (of her holding food against an exotic backdrop), and the irresistible combination of travel AND food, her GirlEatWorld will simultaneously inspire you, and stir up your appetite.

Love Pugs?

Jeremy Veach’s Instagram, Jermzlee is dedicated to his lovable pug Norm, often posed in dramatic and beautifully shot photos. Jeremy and Norm are a reminder to not take yourself too seriously, and that creativity can be light-hearted.
This approach certainly has certainly worked wonders; their account has over 340k followers and Norm the Pug even has his own online store!

Wit and Delight

Design Marketing Consultant Kate, is truly a woman to be admired, as she runs her own design studio and her successful blog, Wit and Delight, online. Her Instagram reflects both her creativity and her professionalism, with beautiful, well-laid out shots of her beautiful home.
Her shots are beautifully composed and filled with light, reflecting her positive philosophy of hard work and creativity.

So there you go, if you ever find yourself in need of inspiration, look no further than these Instagram accounts to kick your creativity into action!

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