It is important to ensure that your blog is extremely user friendly for both your loyal audience as well as the PR teams and brands who will potentially be scoping out your blog. From working on either sides of blogging but mainly the digital PR side, I can say that there’s definitely some easy implementations you can make present on your blog to create the best user experience.

Utilise white space
Considering how information appears graphically on site is an important factor to keep in mind when thinking about blog layout. A simple way to ensure that crucial data stands out is to ensure that there is enough white space on your blog present. To further this notion, studies on eye tracking show that most users spend most of their time with their eyes of the left half of the page, as this mimics that natural way in which people read most languages.

Easy access contact details
Make sure the contact email on your blog is clearly visible across all social platforms. Consider the usability of your site to readers and make sure to position this information over the fold ensuring that it hits the readers sight first. Alternatively, it can be useful to present this as a call to action at the very bottom of your blog. Finally, don’t let any platforms go without this information; as you never know where exactly you’ll be spotted.

Clear links to other platforms
It’s really important to ensure that you’ve linked to all other social platforms, as for a PR, head of brand or a daily reader; it is really important that you’re consistent and present across social. Instagram for example is a really great and simple way to access the overview of a blog. From the view of the blogs audience, having simple and clear icons to lead you to the specific platform means your audience does not have to spend time searching for you on other platforms.

Visible stats
The idea of displaying stats on your blog is tricky one as it can make you feel quite self-conscious, especially if you feel this isn’t necessarily something of a priority for you. If you are however aiming for brand recognition, collaborations and ultimately becoming an ambassador for the brand you love; make sure to consider the requirements. It’s important to note that when creating an outreach campaign, brands often have certain requirements for their bloggers in terms of subscribers, unique visitors, and having a genuine interest in a certain niche.

I’d love to hear some useful tips from you, so as always let me know your thoughts! Comment below or  catch us on Twitter @blogger_lounge

Shabz is a Content Marketing Queen at DBD Media and regally contributes her expertise to the Bloggers Lounge.

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  1. Thank you Shanbz for sharing the tips! Helpful for those aspiring and those trying to maintain! 🙂

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