As a blogger, you will definitely appreciate the fact that you need to be multi-skilled in order to run a completely successful, 100% on point blog! There is so many different skills to master, it can seem overwhelming! To help all my fellow bloggers out, I have thought of the three skills you need to excel at, and how to develop them outside of your blog!

  1. Writing!

Your writing ability needs to be really, really excellent in order for your readers to have trust in what you are saying and want to continue reading. This can seem daunting, I understand. Remember that when you are writing your posts to your audience, you should think of it as writing to friends! In that spirit, in your spare time try writing to your actual friends, be it emails or real letters. It will help your writing skills, and keep you in the right frame of mind even when you aren’t blogging.

  1. Photography!

You don’t have to be the next Tim Walker, don’t worry about that! However, having strong photography skills will really help you as a blogger. The best way to develop your skills is really simple: take lots of photos. Not on your phone, but with a real camera. No matter where you are, what you are doing. Taking photos all the time will help you understand your camera better, help with framing, focusing and timing. Soon, photographing for your blog will be second nature!

  1. Technical Stuff!

Not a very technical heading, I know. But technical stuff is the beating heart of your blog! It’s what makes it look so fancy! It’s totally understandable that you will be a bit wary of this, I know but really it isn’t that scary! One of the best things you can do is spend some time on Code Academy– it’s free and simple, two of life’s best offerings. It will really help your blogging in the long run.

Spending time developing these skills will really help you out in the long run, and not just with your blog! Knowing coding and having the ability to write amazing copy will look great on your CV when it comes to applying for your next job!

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