We caught up with the lovely fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger Charlotte Hole, to discuss her blogging goals, fashion influences and her best advice for up and coming bloggers.

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1. In one of your more recent blog posts you’ve touched on a sense of self progression and the urge to focus a little deeper within yourself. Is changing your blogging style risky with your audience in mind?
I don’t believe so, I’m still going to feature outfits in my blog post, but I want to use my social platforms a bit deeper than just ‘hey look what I’m wearing’ – my post that you are referring to became my most viewed post (ever!) overnight… crazy right? I wasn’t expecting it at all, but it showed to me that people want somebody to relate to other than just their sense of style.

2. You’re clearly a creative, especially with your styling, how did this develop?
I developed a sense of style from my nan, who is a great ol’ gal. Maureen, worked a lot with clothing throughout her life in the alterations field- & I was around the shop a lot when I was younger so being around clothes a lot inspired me. My nan has a great sense of style too, she’s always wanting to pinch a pair of my new shoes!

3. How has your fashion sense developed and what inspires it?
Ah I find it so hard to keep track of my style inspiration, since it is always moving upwards! I definitely think my travels inspire my current fashion favourites. I love old thrifty finds I’ve found in America, online high street fast fashion pieces in the U.K & I then love belly dancer inspired sparkly garments in Tunisia, so it varies a lot which I think is healthy.

4. What advice would you give to others looking to use blogging to help their 9-5?
Blogging is a great way to express yourself, you can venture into so many different categories of blogging, where this may be different from your 9-5 job. So, have fun with it, share your love for your hobbies & favourites. When you have some subjects brain stormed, you can fit writing about these subjects into your day-to-day. What do you do when you’re commuting to work? Write a little. It can be as little as taking a few minutes to jot down some bullet points for the chosen subject, then you can elaborate on these during your lunch break or on your way home from work. There’s always time to be used, we just need to focus our energy on using that time well.

5. Where do you hope blogging will take you in the long run?
I’m not 100% sure… I’ve always loved the idea of presenting- but who knows! I love travel so much, & I love editing my movies too, it would be cool to just travel the world creating sweet after movies to inspire fellow travellers.

6. Finally, who is your favourite blogger(s)?!
Megan Ellaby is my favourite – I LOVE her style so frigging much! My all time favourite YouTuber is Mika Francis, I fell in love with her channel instantly & connected with her so well.

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