I’m sure most of you have at least one social media channel which you use to promote your blog; in fact, most of you will have numerous channels which you use. These social media channels are infinitely important to your success as a blogger. They are the channels that your readers use to get to know you better, and can help you connect with audiences new and old.

One of the most important aspects of running social media channels for your blog, is the access these channels give you to two core groups of people:

  • New audiences
  • Potential collaborators

Your bio is a great way to tell these potential new followers what they can expect from you and your channel, and when done right a bio can be the difference between someone following you or not! Your bio should describe you and your blog, and should of course be personal. However, there are a few tips and tricks I can give to set you up with a pretty good formula for success:

Rule One: Don’t fill up the word count for the sake of it

Most social channels give you a fairly limited character limit, meaning each word is precious. Twitter for example gives you just 160 characters to describe yourself with, which doesn’t give you a lot of room for flowery language!

That said, I think word limits are a good thing. Think about it; you’ve come across a new blog for the first time, you don’t know this blogger too well- you’re not going to sit there for minutes reading a Facebook bio! People make snap decisions online, and make judgements in seconds- not minutes! You should be able to describe your channel/blog in a few words so limit yourself where you can.

I’d advise writing your bio out, and then culling every single unnecessary word (of course ensuring it makes sense!) so you’re left with a short and snappy bio!

Rule Two: Be genuine with your tone of voice

It can be easy to get carried away on social media when it comes to tone of voice, and become a little more colloquial then you do you your blog. To an extent, that is absolutely fine. You want your representation on social to be a more personal view, however it shouldn’t differ so much from the tone of voice that you use on your blog that people become confused when they move from one platform to another.

Something slightly embarrassing, but pretty effective that you can do to ensure your social bio is really representative of you is to read it out loud to yourself! Saying the words rather than reading them will give you an instant indication as to whether they’re really ‘you’ or not. But yeah…..slightly embarrassing!

Rule Three: Demonstrate don’t describe

What I mean by this, is don’t waste characters telling people what to think about you- tell people who you are and what you have done.

Think about any achievements that you have under your belt, or words that you’d use to describe your blogging role- blogger, vlogger, ambassador, influencer, writer, journalist, editor….the possibilities are endless.

Know any bloggers with great bios?! I’d love to see a few of your favourite examples if so, leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Rebecca is the Editor of the Bloggers’ Lounge, and Content Marketing Manager at DBD Media.

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  1. Great article. Thank you.

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