Shout out to all my new bloggers! Welcome to the club, we are THRILLED to have you! This is the really special thing about us as bloggers, we are part of the most amazing community. Bloggers are in the community to help and support each other and celebrate each other’s achievements.

As well as this, being a part of the blogging community will also mean that you are able to grow your blog, gain new followers and new readers!

This is obviously amazing, but we understand that it can be hard for you to know how to get into the community. Read our tips below on how to get involved in the wonderful blogging community!



Every week on Twitter there are bloggers chats on Twitter for all sorts of bloggers: fashion, beauty, lifestyle… Chats like #WeddingWednesday, are great for you to join and introduce yourself to the community. This is where you can sit down at night, chat and meet other bloggers and learn more about blogging.

  1. Commenting!

    This is such as easy trick to do. You obviously have loads of lovely blogs that you read religiously. Comment on their posts with really interesting, thoughtful comments. Always make sure that you are leaving your blog URL after the comments, so they know where to find you!

  1. Blogger Meet Ups!

    We understand that this can be a little bit scary, going to meet new people, so why not bring a friend along? There are lots of different bloggers meet ups listed on places such as Event Brite that you can pop along to. Remember, people wouldn’t organise bloggers meet ups if they didn’t want to you know… meet up!

  1. Social Engagement!

    An oldie but a goodie, right here. Yes get involved with blogger chats, that is absolutely great. But also, simple chatting on social whatever the day is. Tweet, comment, whatever. The most important thing is not to be shy. I love it on the Bloggers’ Lounge Twitter when people tweet us, asking for advice or letting us know that they like our posts.

Let us know in the comments, or on our social channels how you got involved with the blogging community, and exactly what it is you love about being a part of it!

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