Obviously, the most basic things a blogger needs to get started is a computer with an internet connection, and a grasp of language. But, what tools do you need to take your blog from good to ‘OH MY GOD THIS IS SO AWESOME I NEED TO TELL EVERYONE TO READ THIS BLOG’? Non blogging tools of course! What we mean by non-blogging tools are tools that are not necessarily only used by bloggers- like WordPress for example, but used by everyone.

  1. A really good camera

Cameras can cost a lot of money, and we would never suggest you blow thousands and thousands of pounds on a camera and lenses and tripods and all the other nonsense that you can buy. However, do you research and find a decent DSLR camera that sits in your budget and your blog will suddenly be lifted by the high quality of photos that you are producing!


  1. Notebook and pen

‘But blogging is online!’ I hear you cry, and you are not wrong. Blogging is indeed online, but inspiration can strike anywhere. On a walk, in the bath, cooking dinner…. All of a sudden you can have a great idea for a blog post, or design idea or even a new way to organise your Pinterest boards. By having a notepad and a pen on hand at all times you know that these cracking ideas won’t be forgotten!


  1. An Event App

When you are a blogger, you need content and you need to be in the know of all the coolest things that are happening to give that content life, this is especially true of you are running a lifestyle blog. There are loads of apps around now that will be able to help you find an event nearby that will be a great fit for your blog, the first two that spring to mind is Time Out and Y Plan.

Are there any other tools out there that you think are great for bloggers! Let us know in the comments below!

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