The time is coming for you to be thinking about your summer holiday! While I obviously wouldn’t begrudge you a holiday to relax and spend time with your friends, are you telling me that you are really going to let all that excellent blog content go to waste?? To make the most of your holiday for your blog, you need to have the best blogging equipment in your arsenal!
1. Camera
A really, really good camera. With a large memory card. You are going to need to take a lot of high quality photos- of your fashion, beauty, and travels in order to have a decent amount to choose from when you get back home and start planning your blog posts. Remember, the more photos the better- they can always be deleted or just not used. There’s nothing worse than getting home and wishing you had more shots of that amazing underwater cave you visited!
A Good Data Roaming Plan
Data roaming is one of the most stressful and confusing things to navigate (or is that just me?) if you travel a lot you probably have a lot of experience with this and have the best plan ever. But if you aren’t that seasoned a traveller, before you leave make sure that you know if you can use wifi or 4G in your travels, so that your Instagram and Snapchats don’t result in a nasty surprise when you get home!
2. A good bag
If you are lugging your camera around, maybe also a change of clothes if you are a really dedicated fashion blogger, then you will need a good strong bag that has compartment to store your lenses and such- also it won’t make you feel like your back is about to break half an hour after wearing it.
3. A Snapchat account
If you are away for a week and feel that your readers are going to be missing out on that excellent content that they are so used to getting from you (why haven’t you scheduled a post?! Bad form blogger, bad form) then a Snapchat account is the way to go. Snapchat also allows you to be a bit more creative and fun than Instagram does. Look to bloggers like Carrie from Wish Wish Wish to see how to do Snapchat on your holidays properly!
4. Notepad and pen
But we are all digital savvy bloggers! We haven’t used a pen in 7 years! BUT you are walking around the beautiful Mediterranean town where you are staying, and have a sudden great idea for a blog post, but because the sun is so bright you can’t see your screen properly. Not to worry- you have a pen and paper! Technology can only take you so far guys, trust me.
So, to round up, have a lovely relaxing holiday- no doubt. But also think about your blog and what you can take along with you to ensure that you will have excellent posts when you get back!

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