Want to increase your chances of working on cool and exciting projects with brands?

There are a number of tricks and tactics you can do to increase your chances of getting noticed.

Although not best practice, brands often whiz through blogs when building their outreach list of influencers for their next project. A quick review of the about us page, a glance at the social channels and peek at a recent blog post.

Unfortunately, outreach specialists working for brands simply don’t have the time they would like to give a blog a thorough overview. It’s often a snap judgment; do they make the outreach list, or not?

So, as a blogger, what can you do to insure you make the cut? As writing from a position of experience, this should help…

Sort out your About Us page

Firstly, if you don’t have an about us / me page, GET one!

Many bloggers have lovely, long descriptive about us pages; which is fine if your opening paragraph gives a concise overview. Try to summarise everything a brand will want to know about you in your first paragraph, such as your niche, what makes you different and exactly what it is you blog about.

Although your readers may want to know the person behind the blog, save this for the following paragraphs; essentially the paragraphs brands don’t have time to read.

Spread the about us bio

Make sure you use a short, snappy bio throughout your social channels; from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram to YouTube. This should be very similar to the opening paragraph of your about me page.

Nothing too cryptic here; just solid information so a brand can gauge if you are an appropriate fit for this campaign. A bio along the lines of, “Lover of cats, painfully clumsy and drink too much coffee” isn’t really telling anyone about what it is you do, and won’t help out brands.

Link to your social channels

A very obvious one, but too often missed. Social channels are the number one giveaway of your online presence, and provides brands with a huge clue whether you are a good fit. Having links from your home page (ideally prominently at the top) makes the brands life easier.

If you are a newbie and not yet proud of your social following, then don’t worry! Brands have all sorts of different budgets and a blogger with a smaller following may be just what they are after.

Make contact info accessible

Again, another simple one which is surprisingly neglected. Make it as easy as possible for brands to track down your contact details.

Have a contact page, have it on your social channels and be sure not to tuck it away.

Contact Blogger lists

Often when brands are strapped for time their first port of call to find influencers is a Google search. They may Google “Biggest Lifestyle Blogger”.

Have a search of this yourself and you’ll probably find multiple lists of just that, and this provides you with an opportunity. Contact the writer of the article and ask if they would consider adding your blog to the list.

This may not be successful, but it is certainly worth a try.

If you have any other tips, then please share by commenting below!

Chris is a Bloggers’ Lounge writer, but his talents don’t end there. He can put a pin through a balloon without bursting it, and once attempted to break the world record of ‘The Most Ferrero Rocher’s Eaten in 1 Minute’. It did not go well.

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  1. Thank you so much for this helpful post. There are a few things i have to change. Foremost on my list is my “about me” page. Thx

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