With the danger of sounding like a frustrated wannabe sports journalist (so not true) whose completely miss-judged the Blogger’s Lounge audience I want to bring your attention to the footie.

In case you haven’t noticed the sporting public have turned their attentions the Euros – or the European championships, more specifically.

24 of Europe’s top international teams battling it out in France to be crowned Europe’s top dogs on July 10th.

So what? I specifically came onto this site to escape it; I hear you mutter.

The answer is because it is topical – and topical related content can be gold dust. Perhaps writing about the football is taking it a step too far, but it illiterates a point; you must constantly be thinking about relevant trends, what’s in the news and what is is your audience are talking about.

But why? Here are several very good reasons…

It’s all about relevance – positioning yourself as a topical authority is key to building trust with your readership

You’ll reach a wider audience – Topical content is shareable and performs well on social

You’ll become a better blogger – reading about and around your niche will quite simply make you more interesting, and therefore a better, blogger

Your blog will be the ‘go to’ – If there is breaking news or a big event and your readers can guarantee you’ll be covering it in some capacity they’ll head to your site during such occasions.

It’s less dull – the world changes, moves on and is never stood still. If you ensure your blog reflects this, whatever your niche, it is why sure fire way to keep your content exciting

Not rocket science, but are you really staying bang up to date with the latest?

Chris is a Bloggers’ Lounge writer, but his talents don’t end there. He can put a pin through a balloon without bursting it, and once attempted to break the world record of ‘The Most Ferrero Rocher’s Eaten in 1 Minute’. It did not go well.

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