Possibly the most important key to blogging success is providing fresh content on a regular basis.

Basically, it’s the only way to keep your loyal community coming back for more.

In order to do this, however, you need to make a commitment to write even when you don’t really feel like writing and even when you might not be able to think of anything to write about.  Fortunately, there are many ways to come up with blog topics that inspire you.  Here are five of them.

Look at the date

Every day of the year, something is being celebrated somewhere.  Pick the date your blog is due to be posted (or any other date you fancy) and do an internet search to find out if it is World Potato Day, National Reading Week or some such celebration; a spin on this is to look for “what famous people have birthdays on X date”.

Even if you can’t find some way to write about the actual holidays/observances on the dates, you have a good chance that they’ll spark some inspiration.

See what’s trending now

Facebook and Twitter both have newsfeed sections that tell you what’s hot right now.  You can finesse this even further by following relevant people in your niche and seeing what their followers are loving.

Obviously, you never just copy what other people do, but you can certainly draw on their content for inspiration to create your own, original content.

Learn to love Pinterest

No matter what your niche, you’ll probably find inspirational pins galore on Pinterest and, in the unlikely event that you can’t find anything obvious, just type whatever words come into your head and see what comes up.

Remember, you can create your own Pinterest boards (and even keep them secret if you wish) so you build up an “inspiration file” on which to draw when need be.

Review your previous content

A vlogger called Rebecca Robeson coined the phrase “buried but not dead” to describe old content that has become lost under a pile of new content.

If you have an article with statistics that show it was once popular but that it hasn’t had many views in a while, then feel free to dig it out and repost it, making sure you update it if need be.

Check out old magazines and books

Here’s a hint, even if you’re in a super-high-tech niche, there’s still a good chance of you being able to find inspiration in old books and magazines, of the sort which are still widely available in libraries and charity shops as well as on eBay and Amazon.

Books and magazines don’t stop being interesting because they get a bit older.  You may need to think about how to update the content to make it more relevant to a contemporary audience but doing so will help with the process of turning the inspiration found within the printed pages into your own, truly original content.

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