For all the hype around internet video, the fact still remains that “old-school” ways of delivering content, such as the written word and the spoken word, are actually doing very well indeed.

If you’re a blogger looking to expand your reach and promote your brand, you may find that podcasting is the best way for you to go about doing it.

Here are four reasons why:

Podcasting is relatively affordable

While blogging can be virtually cost-free, if you take photos on your smartphone and type up posts on an inexpensive tablet, you will find that – when you start to take it seriously – you will probably invest in professional WordPress themes, your own dedicated camera and a decent laptop.

If you start doing a podcast, you can begin with just your smartphone as tech and, when you do reach a point when you’re ready to upgrade, you’re likely to find that the microphones, hosting and software you need can come in a whole lot cheaper than even an entry-level DSLR camera.

Podcasting is a convenient way for people to absorb your content

Many people listen to audio media when they are in the gym, doing housework or on their commute; any time when they don’t need their ears to be doing something else!  Podcasts can fit right in here.

What’s more, podcasts are much less demanding of bandwidth (and data allowances) than video, which adds to their convenience and appeal.

Podcasting can reach people who have difficulty reading

There are still plenty of people around who, for one reason or another, have difficulty reading.  For example, about 10% of people in the UK have some level of dyslexia, and about 4% are classed as having severe dyslexia.  There are also people with poor eyesight and people who can’t see at all.

While there are tools to help these people navigate the net (such as text-to-speech converters), that’s still a fairly substantial pool of people who are very likely to find podcasts a more attractive option than written blogs.

Podcasting is more emotionally-engaging than blogging

The written word is massively convenient but, given the choice between reading a book in print (physical or digital) or having it read to them by a skilled storyteller, most people would almost certainly opt for the latter as evidenced by the massive popularity of audiobooks, even though they cost more than printed books due to the need to higher production costs.

Podcasters are, fundamentally, modern oral storytellers and as such they can both draw in crowds and engage with them on an emotional level, which goes way beyond anything possible with printed text.

Podcasters can even become headline stars, capable of filling real-world venues, as demonstrated by the success of the live tours of podcasts My Dad Wrote a Porno and My Favorite Murder, who are selling out shows at record speed.

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