Facebook may not be the coolest, edgiest social network in town, but it’s far and away the biggest and, as such, it has to be of interest to anyone who wants to make a name for themselves as a social media influencer.

Here are three tips for making the most of your Facebook brand page.

Remember Facebook has high visibility

This may seem like stating the obvious, but there are lots of people on Facebook, which means that any post you make, including general comments, has a strong possibility of being seen by someone.

So, in short, remember the old saying “measure twice, cut once”.  Think before each and every post and if someone makes a comment that hits a nerve, give yourself time to cool down before you answer it.

Never let yourself get riled by negative comments or trolling.  Count as high as you need to before posting a calm and polite response.

Steer clear of controversial topics and don’t let yourself be drawn into them

Here’s a reality of life, if opinion is divided on a topic then any comment you make on it is pretty much guaranteed to annoy somebody.  The more divided opinion is, the more people you have the potential to annoy.

There is plenty going on in the world without getting mired in topics such as religion, politics and sport.  If you find yourself being dragged into a controversial topic, then remember point one and be very careful about how or indeed if you respond.

The Mars company won widespread praise for its response to a Tweet in which someone compared refugees to a bowlful of Skittles (a sweet they make).  Mars simply commented that people and sweets were different and they did not consider the analogy appropriate and wished to refrain from further comment in case it was interpreted as marketing.

Be interesting and interested

Facebook is a social media platform.  Social media is about being sociable.  That means looking and listening at least twice as much as you talk (two eyes, two ears, one mouth) and when you talk, keeping your comments relevant and interesting.

So, remember, it’s not all about you and it’s certainly not all about any products or services you want to sell.  It’s basically about finding that sweet spot between what you want to post and what your community wants to see.

A large part of the art and science behind finding that sweet spot is interacting with your community and potentially other people’s communities as well, to get useful feedback.

Remember that part of being interesting involves refraining from droning on about the same topic(s) all the time and another part of it involves refraining from addressing topics in the same way all the time.

Look for ways to mix it up and to make life easy for your readers.  For example, if you’ve had a lot of text-based posts, then see if you could use some photographs or video or perhaps create a post with a mixture of text and video.  Instead of creating a simple text list, see if you can create a colourful infographic.

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