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Fundamentally, blogging is about creating great content, but new bloggers in particular can find it very disheartening to put so much effort into creating great content only to have it disappear into the digital ether.  That’s why bloggers need to become promoters as well and, fortunately, there are tools to help with this.

Here is a list of five of our favourites.



From what we’ve seen, Jetpack seems to be one of those tools that many people have but relatively few actually know how to use properly.  Even the free version has loads of functionality, like the ability to track who is using your website and the ability to make it easier to share your posts on the key social networks.

The paid-for version includes useful SEO tools.  If you want to push your blog forward, you need to start by taking stock of where you are now and you also need a means to measure the impact of your changes.  Jetpack provides both of these.



You may well already have Evernote on your phone, but have you thought of using it to improve your blog?

Great blogs are generally based on a combination of great inspiration and great organisation and, when it comes to company blogs, great organisation can often mean successful collaboration.

Evernote combines the functions of a digital vision board and a digital ringbinder, keeping your sources of inspiration clearly visible and your administration both organised and accessible.

It can be used just as well by people working on their own as it can for those working as part of a team.


Yoast SEO plugin

When creating static content for a website, you are more likely to have the luxury of time and be able to run the content past an SEO specialist, who can work with you to optimise it.  Blogs, however, have to be updated regularly, meaning that it can be logistically more complicated, as well as more expensive, to have an SEO expert check each and every post.

That’s where the Yoast SEO plugin comes in.  Basically, it checks each post and suggests how to improve your search engine optimisation.



You may have seen the adverts for this app, particularly if you like to spend time on YouTube or Facebook.

If you’re in charge of writing a blog, then you probably have pretty good writing skills, but you will also have a lot of other responsibilities and a lack of time and/or budget to have a professional proofreader check each post.

The basic version of Grammarly is free, it can be set to UK English and it actually is pretty effective.



Identify the movers and shakers in your niche and find out what they’re saying about you, your competitors and the world in general with the help of BuzzSumo.  It helps you to identify trending topics and see what kind of content your customers like to share.

Basically, BuzzSumo is your digital eyes and ears on the street, informing you of anything you need to know about and it’s priced very affordably.


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