Just as everybody can have an opinion, so everybody can have a blog.  All you need is a Google account (for Blogger) or a free WordPress account and you can put up your own content and call yourself a blogger, although self-hosted blogs offer more freedom and tend to be taken more seriously.

Before you jump in to the blogging trend, however, there are 7 facts about blogging you really need to grasp.

It takes time to build an audience

When you think of bloggers, you probably think of the major blogs in the niche(s) that interest you.  That’s perfectly understandable, but if you actually look into the matter, you will almost certainly find that these people have been blogging a long time and have worked hard to get where they are.  New bloggers should expect to have to go through the same process and not be surprised if a fully fledged audience doesn’t pop up out of nowhere.

You can build up an audience

If you’re thinking you’ve missed the blogging boat and that, these days, there’s no chance for new bloggers then you’re just as wrong as if you think you’re going to be an overnight success.  With effort, commitment and consistency, as well as content that your audience loves, you have every chance of being taken seriously and growing a dedicated audience.

Regular is better than perfect

High-quality content is a must, but worrying about absolute artistic perfection is almost certainly a waste of time and will probably frustrate your readers, who want to see fresh content on a regular basis.

You should vary your content but be clear about your niche

Your readers don’t want to see a rehash of the same content week after week, but they do want to know roughly what they can expect.  It’s absolutely fine to tackle different areas within your niche, just as long as there is at least some framework to what you post.

If you want to post on widely differing topics, then run more than one blog.

“Old school” blogging is unlikely to disappear any time soon

The death of “old school” text-based blogging has been predicted periodically for quite some time and yet blogs are still alive and well – and popular – as are other text-based forms of content such as magazines and books, both in paper and digital formats.

Internet video isn’t any more likely to kill off blogging any more than it killed off TV or radio.

You should make it a priority to own your own domain, even if you don’t use it

When choosing a name for your blog, it’s a good idea to look at what domains are out there and pick a name for which you can buy a domain (they are very cheap purchases).  Then, that domain is yours and you can make use of it any time you want (as long as you renew your purchase each year).

This means that, if you wish, you can start on a free blogging platform and build up a following in that before migrating your blog and your readers to a blog hosted under your own domain.

You need to work to promote each post

If you want your blog to gather traffic then you need to get out there and promote it and be realistic about the fact that if you’re starting from scratch, or close to it, on social media, then you will probably need time to gain traction there, too.

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