Instagram and blogs are possibly the world’s best and most natural partnership.  Learn how to use Instagram effectively and you can score the double win of sending more traffic to your blog and building a following that could help you to win work with brands.

Here are 6 tools to help you manage your Instagram account like a pro.


If you really want to create the ultimate Instagram images, then you should ideally be looking at a professional photography set-up, including a professional-standard image-editing programme.  You would then transfer the end result to your phone to upload.

Fortunately, it’s possible to take very acceptable Instagram images with more budget-friendly equipment such as a decent smartphone.  A little image editing is still, generally, a good idea and Snapseed is our pick of the options out there.


Brevity is the soul of wit, particularly on social media, so every time you post a succession of images, think about whether you could meaningfully batch them together by creating a collage with Layout.  This is particularly good for the likes of “before and after” images.


Even though Instagram is, fundamentally, a massive digital photo album, it’s also a social media platform, which means you can use it as a means through which to interact with other people.

If you’re aiming to build a following on Instagram, that social interaction is exactly what you need and, what’s more, you need to follow relevant people and engage with them so that hopefully they will follow you back.

Crowdfire lets you see who you are following (and which of the people you are following are following you back) and who you need to be following.

Iconosquare or Social Insight

Two apps, same idea, so pick the one which works best for you.  If you’re serious about Instagram, you’re going to need to work out how to hit the sweet spot between posting the sort of content that appeals to you and posting the sort of content your followers want to see.

To do this, you’ll need analytics to see how each of your posts performs so one (or both) of these apps should be in your digital toolkit.

For reasons best known to itself, Instagram has never implemented a feature that allows you to save a post as a draft and then simply hit a button when you want it to go live.  Fortunately, gets around this by allowing you to schedule posts and then, when they are due to go live, you will get a notification asking you to confirm this (so you are still working within Instagram’s TOS).


Instagram arguably ranks second only to Twitter for effective and meaningful use of hashtags, so you want to make good use of them in your posts.  Tagboard will let you see what hashtags are trending on various social networks and how they are being used.

We’d strongly recommend that you double-check its findings with some human research before taking a final decision as to whether or not to use a hashtag yourself.  Leaping onto a trending hashtag without checking its context can lead to inappropriate and even offensive posts that will upset your followers.


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