Snapchat Success: How to make the most of Snapchat to grow your following

A few months ago, we wrote about why everyone should jump on the Snapchat train to promote your blog.

Since then, it’s pretty much become the norm for digital influencers and personalities to use this app to create additional content for their audience, much like Instagram or Pinterest.

However, Snapchat is slightly different than other platforms. For instance, unlike Twitter or Instagram, it doesn’t only deal in pictures OR text: we’ve got videos as well. Most of the time, social sharing websites are optimised for either copy (Twitter) or visual content (Instagram). Snapchat however, is unique in that it was created to effectively share a combination of text, pictures and video.

This multimedia aspect means that you can use it to your advantage to show off some great content and truly connect with your audience. However, unlike other social platforms, Snapchat has only been used as marketing tools for the past year or so, meaning new rules and how-to-s about how to effectively market yourself are still emerging.

But because we’re awesome, Bloggers Lounge has researched the best tips on how to succeed!

Take advantage of video to connect with your audience

Part of the reason why Youtube vlogging is so successful is that it is personal. You are just talking directly into your camera, creating the illusion that you talking directly to your audience. You can have a similar effect with Snapchat…and this achievable even with its 10 -second limit!

For instance, if you’re a fashion or lifestyle blogger, you can post a fresh snap in the morning of your #ootd and wish your audience a good morning or a good day. This way, you’re getting out your content, AND send out good vibes to your fans.

Snapchat can be a great immersive experience

Say you’re somewhere really cool that you’ll DEFINITELY be writing a blog post about, like a restaurant, holiday place, or even a fashion show. Snapchat’s ability to use video, text and emojis in one go means that you can show just HOW much fun you’re having.

Remember the power of FOMO, which Snapchat functions on- people want to know what cool stuff other people are up to.

Communicate with your Fans

Remember that, while you can post stories that generally show off your great lifestyle, you should also use it to connect with audiences on a personal level. You can do this by varying your Snapchat content: stories of your exotic holidays are great, but you can utilise quieter posts, where you ask questions to your audience and encourage them to reply.

Keep on Brand

This one may seem obvious, but you need to remember that Snapchat is an extension of your blogger identity, much like Instagram or Pinterest. As such, all your posts need to be curated around what your audience come to expect from you.

Same thing goes for Snapchat. As long as you creative varying, interesting content and truly connect with your fans, you’ll find your following growing! After all, it’s just another opportunity for you to share your content, so get creative, and get Snapchatting!

If you have any more tips on how to use this app, how Snapchat has been working for you, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

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