If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve hopefully learned that it isn’t enough “just” to create compelling content.

You absolutely need to get out there and promote that content and that means getting active on social media.  

If you’ve learned that then you may also have learned that it can take up a lot of time.  The good news is that there are tools which can help you manage your social media presence more effectively.  Yes, you may have to spend some money on them, but you will recoup your financial investment in the form of more time for other matters and less stress.  

Here is our pick of four of the top social media tools you need.


Hootsuite has been one of the major players in the social media world for a long time now and it still deserves its place at the top of the “must-have” list.  Its “freemium” pricing model makes it accessible to bloggers who are just getting started.  This plan limits users to 3 social media accounts and 30 scheduled messages per day, but that is probably more than enough for most aspiring bloggers.  After that, plans go up in price according to the level of functionality.


Hootsuite covers pretty much every social media network there is, certainly all the major ones, but for quite a few bloggers, the free version of Hootsuite may not quite be enough on its own, but the paid version may be more than they need.  If that’s the case, then you may wish to look at supplementing the free version of Hootsuite with a couple of other apps, starting with Tailwind.

Tailwind has a different focus when compared to Hootsuite, too, covering only Pinterest and Instagram at the moment, and it does this extremely well.  The downside of Tailwind is that there is no long-term free version; you get a free trial and then you either pay or close the account, but the upside is that prices are affordable.  


Tweetdeck is now owned and run by Twitter (it was originally a piece of third-party software) so it’s free and it’s full of functionality for Twitter power users.  If Twitter is important to you, then it’s well worth taking the time to learn how to use Tweetdeck as you can manage an unlimited number of Twitter accounts, create columns with notifications for lists and search terms, and mute hashtags or sources that annoy you.


You need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your niche and that usually means keeping track of what the key influencers are posting on their blogs.  

Instead of filling up your inbox with notification emails (or filtering them into folders that you may or may not get around to checking), use Feedly to let you know every time someone you follow updates their blog.  

Feedly also works on a freemium model and the free version lets you follow up to 100 sources, which is probably more than enough for many bloggers.  If you want more, prices for the paid versions are very reasonable.

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