One of the things many readers love about the blogs they read, are the quality images that bloggers produce to illustrate their blog posts. We’ve written various times before about how to make your images look better, and how vitally important it is to quality control your photos; but how can you constantly make sure your images are as unique and insta-worthy in each and every blog post?!

One simple way to mix up your blog photos is to build yourself a little inventory of backgrounds that you can use when photographing products and such.

Here are a few ideas on some beautiful backgrounds for your blog photos, on a budget:

  1. Gift Wrapping Paper

There are plenty of shops that will be able to supply you with a lovely selection of patterned, textured and plain gift-wrapping papers that will make for brilliant backgrounds. My advice would be to stay away from any patterns that are too complicated or loud; plain and bold colours look great as Instagram backgrounds.

  1. Your Own Home!

If you have any painted wooden furniture/floorboards in your house this makes for a brilliant backdrop. I’m not suggesting you buy yourself a new table for you to take photos on, but often there are great image backgrounds in and around your home already! Just have a little search to see if you can find any good photo shoot opportunities!

  1. Brown Wrapping Paper

In a similar vein to my first suggestion, you know that brown packing paper you get from the post office? I’ve seen it used as a blog background and it looks great!

  1. Glitter!

First off, you’ll need a plan surface (white if possible). What next? Cover it in sequins of course! This makes for a really pretty title or product background.

  1. Textured White Card

Often images really do look better the simpler you can keep them, particularly if you’re photographing a product. A clean white background looks great, and if you can find some textured card to use then it’ll give your image just a little more depth!


What do you use as a background? Do you have any tips and ideas to add? If so let us know in the comments below!

Rebecca is the Editor of the Bloggers’ Lounge, and Content Marketing Manager at DBD Media.

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