Attract brands to your Insta profile by avoiding these mistakes

Modern brands love Instagram and, if you can create a compelling Instagram profile, you will be in a very good position to do business with them.

When you are planning your Instagram strategy, make sure you avoid these 6 basic mistakes.

Posting poor-quality shots

At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, Instagram is all about photography, which means that if you want to be taken seriously on Instagram, then your shots have to be of the highest quality.  It’s fine to post the odd childhood snapshot for a bit of fun on Throwback Thursday but, for the most part, your photographs should have been edited to look their best without getting into the horrendous world of “Photoshop fail”.

Overlooking the importance of the captions

Instagram is a site for photographs with captions.  While the photographs are the main draw, the captions matter too.  At a minimum, make sure that you tell readers anything it’s important for them to know about the picture (like where it was taken and who or what is in it) and learn to use hashtags properly so that you show up in all the relevant searches.

Buying followers

Here’s an important lesson for people setting out to make a name for themselves in social media: brands either have learned or are learning that it’s a waste of time paying people for followers.  What they will pay for is engagement.

Now, here’s the point you need to understand – engagement is measured by activity, likes, comments, tagging and so forth.  The more “fake followers” you have, the more they dilute the activity of your real followers and the less attractive you become to brands.

Ignoring the statistics

If we’re honest, many of us probably feel that we could happily live our lives (online and offline) without statistics, but many times they do actually matter and if you want to work with brands then you need to get serious about your data.

Learn to love (or at least use) Instagram Insights to see how your posts are performing and use what you learn to deliver more of what people love.

Ignoring the comments

Remember the previous point about engagement?  If you want to generate engagement then you need to interact with your followers rather than just “post and run”.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re a seasoned Instagrammer, you should be making a point of responding to as many comments as you can or at least leaving “likes” when someone has made the effort to post something positive and/or meaningful.

Overdoing the branded content

If you’re old enough to read this, the chances are you’ve met someone who only has one topic of conversation and goes on and on and on about it.

Don’t let that be you on Instagram.

Users go to Instagram to enjoy the imagery, though they generally accept that brand sponsorship is part of what pays the bills of Instagram and Instagrammers.  They do, however, expect that sponsored content (or promotion of your own products) will be provided in a way that is educational, entertaining and/or inspiring.

If you just post pictures of brand content and caption it “I love my X” or similar, you’re going to haemorrhage viewers.


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  1. These are great tips! I’ll try to avoid many of these mistakes in the future. xo

    Ash |

  2. Useful tips – thanks for sharing! I think that utilising relevant hashtags is one of the most effective methods of building an Insta-community.

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