Finished going to the gym for the year? Stopped getting up 20 minutes earlier? Done with bringing in your own lunch to work? Excellent, so has everyone else.

As we welcome in February, the distant New Year optimism becomes as empty as your champagne glass you used to bring it in.

The unfortunate truth is, motivational levels can be at a low right now and with that can bring good old writers block; so we feel it is time for a wee little gift from The Bloggers’ Lounge. The gift of content. More specifically, the gift of content topics for February.

Valentine’s Day

Oh superb. Not only have I provided you with one of the most depressing blog openings I have ever written, I then hit you with, for many, the worst day of them all!

It is time for a bit of positivity. With this day comes a glorious opportunity. Unfortunately not necessarily the opportunity of love, but the opportunity for endless ideas.

How about…

  • Best Valentine’s Day Gifts,
  • My Best / Worst Valentine’s Day Dates
  • Why They Should Destroy Valentine’s Day
  • Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

Love is one of the most stimulating blogging topics and this month gives you the opportunity to get stuck in.


February can be shocker and a time for real pals; as opposed to pretend ones you make from play dough. A time for meet ups in the pub, debates about the 6 Nations rugby and preliminary discussions about the summer holiday.

It sure gives you plenty to write about.

How about…

  • The difference between real friends and just friends
  • How to tell if your best friend deserves the title
  • How to give your ‘so called friends’ the chop
  • Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera

Predictions about the year before

It is still early enough in the year to write a blog post with “2016” in the title, just. One of the most entertaining blog posts to write about is looking back on all those glorious predictions made the year before and see if they came true.

This also gives you a real chance to become an authority. If you can provide a bit of intelligent opinion and comment next to each prediction you’ll be able to position yourself as the next Chris Scott.

I hope your sense of humour is as awful as mine.

There is quite a satisfaction about becoming captain hindsight and telling those who were bold enough to make such predictions were, in fact, wrong.

Money Money Money

The bank balance is still a crippling mess after you told yourself ‘go on, they deserve that one more present’ so many will be on the look-out for money saving tips.

Your blog post could be just that. How about…

  • 29 saving tips for each day of February
  • How to make extra money outside work (any tips on this, please comment below!)
  • Top 10 cheaper alternatives to every day products
  • Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera (bit unnecessary now)

So from all the misery at least you can cash a few extra blog topics in the bank. Right, I am off to the gym and then to prepare my lunch for tomorrow…

Chris is a Bloggers’ Lounge writer, but his talents don’t end there. He can put a pin through a balloon without bursting it, and once attempted to break the world record of ‘The Most Ferrero Rocher’s Eaten in 1 Minute’. It did not go well.

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