With us being half way through January, now is the perfect time to begin thinking about what the year ahead might bring for us bloggers, and ways in which we can step up our methods to ensure we’re really getting the most out of our blogging endeavours. Check out my list below on blogging development in 2016.

Subscribers: for the past 2 years, a huge number of brands have set requirements for bloggers, with particular focus on how big their collective social following is. Although gaining subscribers shouldn’t be the only motive for blogging, you should stay aware that you will likely be asked to share these details.

Tracking: brands are getting savvier with the importance of analytics and tracking the results of blogger campaigns. It’s not unusual for brands to supply bloggers with UTM tracking code to measure their ROI of a campaign and may well be something that increases in 2016.

Brand Ambassadors: rather than short term, one off collaborations, a focus on long term working relations with bloggers will begin, and a more intimate relationship between content creator and brand will be utilised.

More video content: with the arrival of Periscope and soon to arrive; Facebook Live, we are sure to see more and more of our content being created within a video format… lucky for all you YouTubers!

Fulfilling blog posts: not only does Google give higher authority scores to blog posts over 500 words, brands do too and will quite likely expect blog posts to be plumped out with supporting content such as engaging images, infographics and of course keywords.

Longer Tweets: with Twitter planning to introduce a beyond 140 character limit, we are definitely going to see a lot more creativity in Twitter content.

So there you have it, 6 of our blogging predictions for 2016! Do you agree, disagree or think we’ve missed some important points? Comment below and let us know!

Shabz is a Content Marketing Queen at DBD Media and regally contributes her expertise to the Bloggers Lounge.

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  1. First and foremost bloggers need to be thinking about, planning for and putting in place the mechanisms that will grow their audience for themselves. While Brands are a monetization tool, they are just a tool.

    Our main goal should always be turning our readers into fans and our fans into cheerleaders. Growing the list is a great way to improve the relationship with your readers. It’s where we tell them what’s coming, invite them to things that make them smile and broaden their world.

    While content was King in year’s past, I believe 2016 will be about engagement. There is so much content now and it takes infinitely more time to produce to todays’ standards that it will become unfeasible to produce volume.

    While 500 word articles are great, short articles that produce incredible engagement will rule.

    2016 will be the year that bloggers finally choose a platform and attempt to dominate it. We can no longer afford to be on all platforms and expect to create community everywhere. The Nings, Quoras, Mediums, Vines and Slideshares will either be a significant part of your portfolio or not at all. One video on YouTube isn’t playing the game.

    I agree with all Shabz has outlined, but do not want bloggers to think they are here for Brands. Brands are present in the marketplace because of our dedication and relationship with our audience. Don’t lose sight of that. That is the only thing that will benefit Brands and is the reason we can charge for our influence.

    Dan R Morris

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