There’s no point in having thousands of followers if they’re not engaging with the content you post on Facebook; fact. You may well have read the floods of articles which talk about how important engagement is over following, and we are firm believers in engagement here at the Bloggers’ Lounge!

Social media should be just that; social! It’s not simply an opportunity for you to promote your content to your followers, it’s an opportunity for you to discuss your content with your followers!

Here we look at 10 quick and simple tips which will help you increase engagement on your Facebook page:

  1. Vary Your Content

I find in the blogging world that Facebook is often the most unloved platform, but there is so much scope for different kinds of content! People often think of Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat when it comes to visual content, but Facebook can be incredibly visual!

Don’t just post one type of content, share videos, photos, articles and simple statuses. Give people a reason to like your page, by providing them with varied and valuable content they can engage with.

  1. It’s Not all About You!

Sounds rude, but we’re all guilty of sharing blog post after blog post on social and not thinking about what our audience might be interested in. I’d advise keeping an eye on news and interest stories within your niche and posting this with your opinion; for example if you blog about fashion and a new range has been launched by your favourite brand but you don’t have enough space in your schedule, you can share a relevant article on Facebook with a little commentary!

  1. Engage with Bloggers you Admire

Make sure you practice what you preach! Take time to look at your favourite bloggers Facebook feeds so you can comment, share and spread the love. Over time you’ll begin to receive the same treatment in return!

  1. Take the Time to Monitor Your Page

It’s hard, as I’ve said before I’m aware so many of you are juggling multiple priorities whilst running your blogs! However, neglecting your social channels and not spending just a little time each day to check messages and comments can hold you back.

The key is to be organised, if you’re short of time and it’s stopping you from getting things done then pick just 5 minutes every day where you monitor your page- and stick to it!

  1. Don’t Rely too Much on Scheduling

Scheduling is handy and is great for ensuring you have a timely and constant stream of content stream of Facebook posts. However, social media is all about timing and if something in your industry happens you need to be able to react quickly and post about it. Posting about relevant and current content is a great way of starting conversations with your audience.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, tips and ideas in the comments below!

Rebecca is the Editor of the Bloggers’ Lounge, and Content Marketing Manager at DBD Media.

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  1. Great tips. I’ve got a Facebook page for my blog but don’t use it too much. Will add this to my list of things to work on!

  2. Wow!!Thank you for those tips. really helpful indeed.

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